Regulatory and Compliance Services


Regulatory and Compliance Services

For any organization, regulatory compliance is crucial since it builds trust in the minds of customers. By adhering to every statutory rule and regulation, you remain in the authorities’ good books, and thus, can run your business trouble-free. CM Shah firm offers target-oriented solutions that help clients transform the existing framework of compliance in their organization towards better outcomes and management.

How can CM Shah Firm Aid You in this Context?

Whatever be your problem, we can cater to solve that with utmost practical sense and technical knowledge. We have enough experience to deal with even the worst situation and yield the best. Here are some of the significant leaps that we usually take when it comes to regulatory and compliance management services:

  • Proper documentation of the compliance standards that apply to all the products and services.
  • Create a strategy-oriented matrix to reflect the existing organizational structure that will represent both central compliance and supporting compliance teams.
  • Formulate various compliance strategies and create charters representing compliance risks, existing and achievable roles and responsibilities and most importantly to frame policies against zero tolerance of non-compliant work culture.
  • Identification, registration and documentation of general and core compliances.
  • We provide compliance testing based on risk assessment and recommend any changes and remediation for the same.
  • Compliance Certification and Training. Assistance in various accreditation requirements, including monitoring and organization of multiple training modules.

Why Choose Us?

  • CM Shah firm has a dedicated team of expert professionals who can help you manage regulatory and compliance management frameworks. Our team comprises experienced lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries and other professionals who have proficiency in running a company, addressing various aspects of the same in the best way.
  • We use multiple automated compliance frameworks with proven technical excellence, such as “Compliance Reporting Assessor”. CM Shah firm uses a comprehensive and integrated database of compliance with an enormous number of statutes.
  • We have already implemented our strategies in multiple companies, and the result has been outstanding- hence, you can rely on our pre-framed methods.
  • We operate efficiently with a vastly extended bandwidth to meet all the ends of hassle-free compliance management applicable for domestic and overseas entities.
  • We can assure you that we adopt the most transparent method of operation and provide customized strategies to fulfil the unique needs of your enterprise at the best prices. For more queries, connect with us today.

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