Assistance in various Export promotion scheme


Assistance in various Export promotion schemes for Foreign Trade Policies and Incentive Policies Assistance

Export incentives are given to exporters as a thank you for bringing in foreign currency and compensating for the infrastructural challenges and costs they encounter. As per India’s Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20, as amended and extended through September 2021, different export incentives have been provided by the government through the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

How Do Export Incentives work?

To boost competitiveness in the global market, the government collects less tax on exported goods. The incentives provided ensure that local products reach a wider audience and that Indian export businesses develop.

However, the incentives are given in consideration of the product availability. These incentives alter and adapt depending on the product’s scarcity and abundance.

How Can CM Shah Help?

We provide consultancy and services to help you understand the benefits of the various export incentive schemes. Our capable and experienced team will help you through the process.

Our services-

  • Preparation of documentation to provide a smooth process and simple application.
  • Preparing and submitting online applications under the system, as well as acquiring a DGFT license.
  • Assistance with the license registration at Customs. And then there’s the sale to the interested party.
  • Assist the exporter in determining whether their product and the country to which they export are eligible for the incentive.
  • For successful compliance, providing clients with regular policy modifications of rules and regulations of the Foreign Trade Policy.

Why Hire CM Shah?

  • Our capable team has in-depth knowledge of export incentive policies in India and will help you understand their benefits for your business.
  • We keep updated with all changing rules and regulations and about new government incentive schemes. Our team will use this knowledge for your company’s welfare and help you run your business more efficiently.
  • With our guidance, you can expect to thrive in your export business and earn more profits.

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