Internal audit


Internal audit

Every business, whether a startup, a large company, or a medium-sized organisation, needs an internal audit to identify problems in its process, improve the efficiency of its operations, and be compliant with government regulations.

However, conducting an internal audit is a complicated process, requiring the expertise of qualified chartered or cost accountants and tax experts. CM Shah & Co. is one such reputed firm known for its rich experience in conducting high-quality auditing services to clients all over India.

Through our comprehensive internal audit:

  • We provide assurance that your company is following all the guidelines, rules, and policies.
  • You get a guarantee that the information in your financial statements is accurate.

How can our Internal Audit Services benefit you?

Our systematic internal audit services will help you in the following manner:

  1. Improve Operational EfficiencyAn internal audit will make you aware of the loopholes in your internal processes that decrease your efficiency. By monitoring and reviewing your processes, you can identify the factors that need to be changed or improved and take proactive action.
  2. Reduces risksBy conducting an internal audit, you can identify the risk factors that may impact your business. The audit report tells you what remedial steps you can take to lessen the risks and avoid unnecessary consequences.
  3. Helps in ComplianceRegular internal audits ensure that your company remains compliant with rules and regulations. It also keeps you prepared for external audits in the future. By adhering to the rules, your business enjoys a good reputation with your customers and tax authorities. You also avoid having to pay hefty penalties resulting from non-compliance.
  4. Enhances SecurityInternal audits help you identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems and networks. It gives you insights into how to fix the problems and ensure a more secure environment.
  5. Provides Better Internal ControlIt helps to determine the shortcomings in your internal process, provides risk management, and prevents wastages, fraud, or misuse.

Why Hire CM Shah & Co. for Internal Audit Services?

  • Our auditors are highly qualified and trained appropriately and possess years of relevant experience in various industries.
  • By hiring experts like us, you save on time, money, and resources and can focus on running your business.
  • Our auditors are friendly and cooperative and will guide you through the audit process from start to end.
  • When you entrust your internal auditing to specialists like us, you get a different perspective on your business, which you would not get when hiring an in-house auditor.
  • The detailed audit reports we provide are easily understandable and will contain valuable recommendations to improve your internal processes.
  • We identify the weak spots in your business that need improvement and guide you to take the right remedial action.
  • Our team will help you assess your risks and assist you in implementing better solutions to manage the risks more effectively.
  • Through our professional internal audit, you get the assurance that your business complies with the local rules and regulations.
  • With our detailed audit report, you can spot errors and unearth irregularities in your business operations, for which you can conduct investigations and take timely corrective action.
  • Our internal audit services will enable you to outpace the competition and achieve your business objectives within the shortest possible time.

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