Transaction Advisory


Transaction Advisory

Running a business has many challenges, and you are always prone to a new set of risks every day. Every transaction and decision has to be made carefully, or you are likely to make mistakes that can prove costly for your business. Therefore, it is advisable that you enlist the services of professional transaction advisory services providers like CM Shah & Co., who will provide strategic and financial advice to make your business transactions smooth and risk-free.

Key benefits of our services:

  • We will act as your business support system and handle all tasks related to your transactions from start to finish.
  • We will use our expertise to make proper market analysis, analyze the risks, and guide you appropriately, whether it is a merger or acquisition or any other important transaction.

Our Transaction Advisory Services

The services we offer will consist of the following:

  1. Due Diligence

    With our experience in handling all aspects of a business, our experts will provide due diligence services to ensure that you are able to conduct transactions like business acquisitions or corporate restructuring smoothly. We handle all legal issues related to your business, from preparing the documents for contracts to checking your license’s validity regularly.

    We help our clients understand the target company’s financial position by reviewing their financial statements, determining their overall expenses, and analyzing the income generated. By verifying the accuracy of the financial statements, we reduce the risk of fraud and protect you from losses.

    With our specialized knowledge and proven analytical skills, we will conduct due diligence and advise you on the possible risks when conducting transactions like acquisition. Our team will determine the key issues that can affect the target business and your consolidated business after the acquisition.

  2. Working Capital Analysis

    Our financial experts will conduct an in-depth analysis and identify the working capital requirements of your business. This helps in understanding your current business position and also helps you take expansion measures carefully.

  3. Cash Optimization

    Our services help you to improve cash flow and increase profitability in transactions like acquisition or sale. We identify opportunities to create additional cash inflow and decrease your expenses so that your business remains profitable.

  4. Transfer Pricing Services

    Our experts will devise transfer pricing strategies that will help generate more earnings and reduce your taxes. We will act as your trusted support in running your business profitably in a tax-efficient manner while complying with the global tax rules and regulations. Our services will enable you to minimize the time spent on transfer pricing issues and focus more on other aspects of your business. We will prepare all the supporting documentation you need and prevent you from scrutiny by government bodies.

Why Choose CM Shah & Co. for Transaction Advisory Services?

  • We have dedicated professionals in our team with experience in various industries who will identify the potential risks in any transaction and help you make the right decision.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of the financial information of a target company and inform our clients of any pitfalls you are likely to encounter during a transaction.
  • We take care of all tasks related to transactions, such as due diligence, transfer pricing, cash flow optimization, and acting as your business’s support system.
  • Our team, with its multi-disciplinary background, provides unique, valuable insights and recommendations that help you make informed decisions.
  • With our help, you can run your business smoothly and utilize its full potential to achieve your targeted objectives.
  • We believe in constantly learning and always keep in touch with the latest developments in industry practices around the world.
  • Our team will customize our services considering your business’s unique requirements and challenges.
  • With our knowledge of the local and international market and with cutting-edge technological solutions, we help our clients stay updated with the world’s best practices amidst a rapidly evolving economy.

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