Expatriate Arrangement Structure


Expatriate Arrangement Structure

Many businesses are expanding internationally to capture new markets, establish credibility globally, and develop additional sources of revenue. As a result, many new multinational companies have emerged in recent times, and relocation of employees to other countries has become a common occurrence.

Moving to a new country can be very challenging for employees. Taxation and social security laws in each country are different, and they should know how to adapt to such changes. Our firm realises the challenges expatriates face in India. So, we help them deal with permanent establishment issues, getting FRRO registration, and other tax requirements to make their stay smooth and trouble-free.

We help expatriates moving to India permanently or temporarily working here to understand India’s regulatory implications and assist them in managing their taxes efficiently. Our experts help them understand tax obligations in India to reduce their tax liabilities and save more from their income. We simplify complicated tax issues for them, allowing them to enjoy the experiences and opportunities here and live peacefully without fear of financial worries.

What is Included in Our Expatriate Tax Services

Designing an Optimum Salary Structure

With our expertise in tax rules and regulations, we will create the best possible salary structure by incorporating components that will help you get maximum tax exemptions. We help you understand mandatory social security benefit contributions you will need to make in India, such as provident funds. We will also check the social security agreements with different countries and see whether you can opt out of provident fund contributions. Our team will also assess the tax implications of any perquisites you receive.

Withholding Taxes

We ensure that the taxes withheld are accurate and meet the requirements of the tax rules and regulations. We also support complicated issues where the salary is divided and paid in India and the home country and where the associated enterprise needs to be reimbursed.

Assistance in Preparing Documentation

You will receive support in drafting documents like secondment agreements, appointment letters, and deputation policies. We also help employers and employees prepare the essential documents needed for opening a bank account in India. You can rely on our help to obtain a Permanent Account Number, which is a must if you are a taxpayer in India.

Guidance on Secondment of Expatriate

Our tax experts will assess the implications of seconding an expatriate in India. We will guide you on issues like Permanent Establishment, foreign exchange, and social security contributions.

FRRO Registration

We will help you get FRRO registration if you are visiting India for more than 180 days. The registration needs to be done within 14 days of your arrival. The registration is mandatory for all family members above the age of 16.

Filing Income Tax Returns

You will receive our help in preparing income tax returns and opening and maintaining an e-filing tax account. We also help you handle any queries made to you by the tax authorities.

Exit Formalities

If you want to depart from India, we will assist you in cancelling the FRRO and get an Income Tax Clearance Certificate that you will need to present to the immigration authorities.

Why Choose CM Shah & Co. for Expatriate Taxation Services?

  • Our team has experienced attorneys and chartered accountants proficient in Indian expatriate tax laws and their implications.
  • We will provide meticulous attention in planning your taxes and ensure that you only have to pay minimum taxes as an expatriate in India.
  • Our team keeps in touch with changing regulations and will keep you informed of any implications such changes may have on your tax obligations.
  • With our experience and knowledge of Indian tax rules and regulations, we will help you understand various complicated tax aspects like social security regulations, withholding taxes, and income tax filing requirements.
  • We will help you plan for applicable taxes and minimise your tax liabilities by getting you the maximum possible exemptions, enabling you to save more of your income.

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