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Litigation support in GST for GST

GST has been successfully implemented all over the country, and all businesses, large, medium, or small, are reaping its many benefits. However, sometimes, business owners run into trouble with the authorities due to issues like delays in filing returns or not paying their taxes adequately. As a result, they have to deal with notices and other legal proceedings from the authorities, which can be stressful and time-consuming.

As a business owner, dealing with such legal issues can be complicated and strainful since you have various other business matters to deal with on a daily basis.

Hence, it is prudent to leave all such legal matters in the hands of seasoned legal and tax experts like CM Shah & Co because:

  • We have vast experience in GST-related issues.
  • With our experience and mastery of tax laws, our firm has successfully handled various legal matters for our clients easily and efficiently.
  • We provide our clients with every legal support they need and solve their matters in the best way possible.

Our Litigation Services in GST

Here’s how CM Shah can help you with litigation services:

Representing Clients Before the Authorities

We represent our clients in these matters:

  • In case of survey or search conducted at their premises
  • When there are audit objections raised by GST authorities
  • Seeking clarifications from authorities regarding GST laws
  • In case of scrutinies conducted by authorities related to GST liability
  • Refund claims for excess input tax credit, inverted duty structures, or export of goods with tax payment
  • Show-cause notices related to compliance

Helping Draft Replies to Notices

Notices are sent by the GST authorities to taxpayers to remind them of any default they may have committed and for not following the GST laws. They can also be sent when the authorities want additional information from the taxpayers regarding suspicious transactions.

Some of the common reasons for getting notices include failure to register under GST even though it is required by law, or short-payment or non-payment of GST, or excess credit claims or input tax. At such times, the taxpayer is required to reply to such notices within the time frame mentioned in the notice. Failing to reply to a notice can cause the authorities to charge a penalty or undertake some other disciplinary action.

At CM Shah, with our expertise in drafting legal documents, we help our clients draft timely replies to notices they may have received. Thus, we help them avoid getting into legal trouble with the authorities.

Assistance in Drafting and Filing applications for Advance Rulings

We have a lot of experience in this area and have appeared before advance ruling authorities to seek ruling for our clients in relation to their business transactions. Thus, we help our clients plan their activities that are liable for GST well in advance.

Why choose CM Shah & Co. for litigation support in GST?

  • Our experienced tax and legal professionals are reputed for their rich experience obtained by serving clients from various industries like finance, textile, food and beverage, manufacturing, and many more.
  • We have proficiency in dealing with the authorities on behalf of our clients for all kinds of GST-related legal matters.
  • Our experts possess the in-depth experience needed for drafting submissions, analysing notices, and representing our clients before the GST authorities.
  • With our expertise, we mitigate the risks for our clients and help them avoid scrutiny and litigations from the authorities.
  • Our strong belief in transparency in communication has helped us maintain lasting relationships with clients.
  • Our friendly and cooperative team is committed to providing the best possible legal support to our clientele to meet their expectations and drive satisfaction.

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