Representation and Litigation


Representation and Litigation

Are you facing massive issues with litigation?
Is your business suffering disputes due to the inappropriate handling of litigation?
If yes, then we are at your service. Get the best advisers at your service for premium representation and litigation support.

Indian Legislation has the right to initiate an audit or more commonly known as return of income scrutiny. If any business organization or person is not satisfied with this scrutiny result, they can appeal to the commissioner of Income Tax. This appeal shall be addressed to a quasi-judicial structure. If you find this task to be exceedingly complex and potent enough to divert you from your core business goals and engulf much of your valuable time, it is high time you connect with us.

How Do We Help?

Here is just a quick glimpse of the various representation and litigation support that a client can expect from us :

  1. Advice and assistance to file a tax litigation

  2. Analyze the questionnaire that the Revenue Department / Income Tax Department

  3. Develop and plan a suitable and action plan approaching a tax litigation

  4. Form a unified litigation team including external counsels

  5. Guidance on how to appear before appellate and revenue authorities

  6. Guiding tax counsels for appropriate representation at multiple tiers

  7. Support for authority proceedings through competent authorities

  8. Analysis and rectification of the file if needed

  9. Prepare proper documents for the sustainability of the appeal

  10. Litigation Support for addressing the Income Tax authorities and other tribunal authorities

Why Hire CM Shah for Representation and Litigation Services?

  • We are a leading CA firm with expert professionals who have substantial in-depth knowledge about India’s tax policies and concurrent tax structures. Hence we can assist and guide all our clients to carefully go through all the tiers and steps of this appeal process with the suitable regulatory authorities.
  • We can help your organization address various representation and litigation issues and extend our expert support to guide you. The appeal process is quite complex and operates at multiple tiers. We will make it simple for you with our rich expertise.
  • We provide litigation support services for both direct and indirect services. Before entering any legal authorities into the matter, we offer an integrated and comprehensive representation and litigation support.
  • Our primary purpose is to leverage relevant legal knowledge, including financial and accounting, to our clients. We provide expert business skill knowledge based on our years of experience and expertise.
  • When you approach us for representation and litigation support, you get a platter full of practical knowledge, technical skill, and real-time experience. We usually follow the road map of analyzing, evaluating, and precision solutions. Each step is performed with utmost accuracy and crucial assessment.

Our Strength


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