GST Planning and Compliances


GST Planning and Compliances

GST’s introduction in India has simplified the taxation process since now there is only a single uniform tax levied on goods and services all over the country. GST has brought with it many benefits like eliminating the cascading effect on taxes and bringing down the tax burden for small businesses.

However, the new laws can be complicated to understand, and you need the help of an experienced tax expert to guide you through the processes.

CM Shah’s team of tax specialists can assist you in these ways:

  • Helping you understand the compliances you need to stay in the good books of the authorities.
  • Providing professional GST planning services that will help to cut down your tax liabilities and enable you to save more money.
  • We will manage all your GST compliance efficiently and help you file your returns in time so that you do not face disciplinary action from the authorities.

Our GST Compliance Services at CM Shah

GST Registration

All businesses with more than Rs. 20 lacs turnover (North East and hill stations – Rs. 10 lakhs) must be registered for GST. We will help you get registered online through a simple process after submitting specified documents. After your details are verified and your application is approved, we will hand over your registration certificate.

Maintaining Proper Invoices

It is crucial to record the supply of goods and services accurately in invoices. The invoice is proof of your time of supply and helps determine the GST amount that is due. You also need the invoice to avail input tax credit.

Filing GST Returns

You need to file a return periodically and annually if you are registered under GST. The return will contain details like your sales, purchases, tax paid during purchases, and tax collected during sales. We will send you timely reminders to ensure that you file your returns without fail. We will help you file your return electronically on the GST portal. Our team will ensure that all your details are accurately filled in so that you do not face any unnecessary delays.

Payments and Refund

We will guide you on the payments you will need to make under GST like Integrated Goods and Service Tax, State Goods and Service Tax, and Central Goods and Service Tax. You will receive our assistance if you are eligible to claim a GST refund.

Why hire CM Shah for GST Planning and Compliance?

  • Our firm’s professional tax experts have a comprehensive understanding of GST rules and regulations and have helped several clients in planning their GST obligations and remaining compliant.
  • We will ensure to keep your tax liabilities to the minimum and help you get the maximum benefits.
  • Throughout the financial year, we will support you in maintaining your records of transactions related to the supply of goods or services or purchases in the appropriate invoices.
  • Our team believes in staying in touch with the frequent changes in tax laws and will keep you updated from time to time.
  • We will help you prepare the essential documentation you will need for return filing with factual precision.
  • You will also get our help in updating your current accounting system to meet the requirements of the GST guidelines.
  • Our team has chartered accountants, legal advisors, tax experts, and database specialists who possess rich experience in GST-related issues.
  • With our efficient GST planning and compliance services, we will help you meet the legal requirements without wasting your precious time.
  • Our friendly team is always eager to cooperate with our clients and will clear all doubts you may have regarding GST matters.

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